For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Title Services, And Introduction to Realtors

At Agency Title, our experience in “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO, “fisbo”) title services and closings in Louisville, Southern Indiana and Bardstown … tends to be consistent with nationwide Google search trends. Surges in attempts to Sell by Owner, tend to be followed by searches for realtors. We enjoy supporting home sellers in their FSBO efforts, from Title Search to the closing table, and we are also very happy to introduce the sellers to a quality real estate agent at any time they decide if “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”. After 25 years as a preferred Louisville Title Agency, we can help with every step of FSBO, and we know thousands of great local realtors!


For starters, if you’re thinking about selling your own house, take a look at our FSBO FAQs. These are your essentials, and you definitely want to avoid any basic missteps that might sink an otherwise successful transaction.


Second, Contact Us at Agency Title to begin your project. A Sale-By-Owner still needs to be closed with a title company, so your best first step is to make that call, meet with us, and get your ‘ducks in a row.’ We can help you with your check list, and we’ll certainly be on your side in making sure that your title documents and closing documents will all be in order for a successful closing.


Finally, do stay in touch with any questions as you meet with potential buyers, and, as mentioned in the intro, don’t hesitate to ask us for an introduction to a great, licensed Real Estate Agent if you have had enough of the selling and marketing processes without the results you wanted. Best wishes for best results with any path you choose for selling your home!

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