Agency Title

For  30 years, Agency Title Inc. has worked tirelessly to make closings as enjoyable as possible whether you are a buyer, seller, lender, broker or a real estate agent.

Real Estate Closing and Title Services

Title services are all about making real estate transactions legal and secure. At Agency Title, this covers the entire range of title services, serving buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and anyone else involved. No matter what the transaction or process is, our job is to make clients feel secure and confident during legal processes. If you have questions or needs about real estate title services that aren’t covered here, please contact us. We are always happy to talk title services and help answer questions.

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Title Services

Agency Title, Inc. provides title search, title examination and title insurance services. We also provide various types of Title Insurance that best protects your new home against hidden title hazards.

Closing Services

Agency Title’s staff creates a friendly atmosphere to put clients at ease throughout the process from title order to closing. we have over 50 years combined experience handling closings.


Working with a lender to refinance your home? When rates are ideal for refinancing, you will find no one more equipped, prepared, experienced and friendly than Agency Title to handle your refinancing title and closing services.

Short Sale Assistance

Agency Title offers short sale assistance by providing a complete Starter Package, preliminary HUD and title commitment at a minimal cost to the seller, buyer or real estate agent.

Virtual Closings

We offer remote and/or mobile closings.  Please let us know how we can assist you in making this transaction happen.

For Sale By Owner

If you decide to sell your home on your own we would like to help you have a successful outcome to your transaction.


Agency Title has experience and knowledge of the Assumption Closing process.  We are happy to assist you whatever way possible.

1031 Qualified Intermediary

The tax deferral is the main benefit of carrying out a 1031 exchange rather than simply selling one property and buying another.