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Realtor Resources

Thank you for choosing Agency Title for your closing needs.

Agency Title’s staff creates a friendly atmosphere to put clients at ease throughout the process from title order to closing.  We will calculate all costs involved to finalize the transaction, prepare all settlement documents and set up the escrow accounts and lastly, we coordinate your closing.


We have celebrated 25 years handling closings.  Our experience and professionalism combined with a helpful attitude will help make your transaction successful.


After the closing is complete, we will take care of all the paperwork to accurately manage any monetary transactions that must take place before the sale is finalized. Our escrow services used in tandem with our closing services ensures that your transaction is handled accurately.


To begin, we have created an area just for you that organizes everything you need in one place.   Please use the links below to access our Agent forms, order your title, schedule a closing & more.  This information is submitted to us through a secure site, so any private information is protected.


Also, please sign up for our mailing list if you haven’t already!  We host Lunch & Learns, informational e-mails & fun get togethers frequently!


We also provide copies of Agency Title’s videos and marketing resources for use in your real estate marketing. 

Please email [email protected] and copies will be provided at no cost.


If you need assistance at any time please call (502) 339-1145.


Please email or fax all printable forms to (502) 339-1147 or email to [email protected].


*After placing a Title Order, please email the Purchase Agreement to [email protected].


Please send all Closing Packages and Documents to [email protected].