The Continued Legacy

After years of service and unprecedented growth, Agency Title’s amazing day-to-day operations manager, Beth Rojas is officially the new owner of Agency Title Inc.!

Jack & Debbie have placed their ultimate trust in Beth to continue the legacy they built and we are all incredibly humbled, grateful & excited!

It is important to remember in this moment how Agency Title came to be. Jack and Debbie created Agency Title to be a company known for its customer service.

Thanks to our wonderful team, many of whom have been here for over 20 years, working together to be efficient, organized and the best at their job, we continue to accomplish and expand on this goal everyday. Beth will continue to honor this legacy.

Thank you, Jack & Debbie, for 25 years of hard work and dedication building Agency Title Inc. and thank you, for remaining a part of the daily operations as we work together to continue Agency Title’s success.

Thank you, Beth, for realizing the value of Agency Title as we continue our work of making the American Dream a reality.

Congratulations Beth, Jack & Debbie!

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