Halloween during COVID-19.

Wondering how to celebrate Halloween?

Us too.

Trying to decide what is best, is the hard part.

Finding something to do, seems easier.

Below are a few ideas for fun and safety.


Passing out candy…

This person’s idea is ingenious!

He created a socially distant tube. Fantastic!

I have also heard rumor that many folks are dressing up as an employee of their favorite restaurant for the night. While I was confused and giggling at first, I quickly realized, it is the perfect adult costume. Complete with masks, gloves and if you are feeling really festive, a hair net!

Rumor also has it, Lowe’s and maybe more retailers are doing drive up trick or treating.

Looking to do something more socially distant…

The options are vast…

• Indoor scavenger hunt

• Transform your bedroom or house into a haunted house

• Pumpkin carving

• Baking sweet treats

• Virtual costume contest

In fact, the leading candy makers are getting into the game too.

Mars brand along with Wrigley created Treat Town, a virtual trick or treating app!


However, you choose to celebrate this years halloween, have a festive time and don’t eat too much candy – It could make your tummy hurt.

From our family to yours, Happy Halloween!

Thank you for being the best part of Agency Title!

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